So here are some pics from the Lanegan show last night. 

It was such an awesome night.  They played basically everything I wanted to hear.  The only drawback was that it was literally right in the middle of the Gene Autry Museum.  So the audio was only ok.  The P.A. went out a couple of times, but the band was tight and rocked completely. It was still such a cool place for a band to play.  I really like shows where it’s a unique setting and this was definitely one of them.  So it more then made up for the ok audio. 

Sean and Zander were amazing too!  Great opening act.  They were lots of fun and really talented. 

Also as a side note, Alain Johannes and Joey Castillo were there too.  Pretty cool to see them enjoying the show as well.  I finally got to meet Aldo Struyf as well.  (Keyboards and guitar in the Lanegan band)  I’ve been a fan of his since Millionaire, and I love his project Creature With The Atom Brain.  He couldn’t have been a cooler dude. 

So long story short go see Mark and the rest of the band if they’re coming to your area!  Great show.